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Oblivion (2013) | Review

Official Synopsis: A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.

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As part of a two man crew responsible for defending the Earth’s few precious remaining natural resources after a devastating alien attack, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) works alongside partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) to maintain a series of aerial defence drones used for shielding the nearby harvesters […]


Review Added: April 16th, 2013

Tagline: Earth is a memory worth fighting for.

In some ways I feel I was duped into seeing this film, even though I actually picked it. From the trailer, which I was thankful for once didn’t seem to give too much away, I decided that it all seemed very WALL-E but with people instead [...]


Official Synopsis: A look at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after the events of Knocked Up.

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Recycling two of the characters from 2007’s Knocked Up, Judd Apatow’s ‘This is 40’ focuses on the Los Angeles based couple Pete (Paul Rudd) & Debbie (Leslie Mann) over the course of a week that sees both turn 40. Whilst this is very much a sour […]


Review Added: April 15th, 2013

Tagline: The Sort-of Sequel to 'Knocked Up'

With my history of not liking the hyped ‘hilarious’ comedies, choosing this film on a bit of a whim could have proved somewhat disastrous for me. Being from the house of Judd Apatow and proudly waving the ‘ unofficial sequel to knocked up’ tagline made me scared. I didn’t like [...]


Official Synopsis: The G.I. Joes are not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra; they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence.

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Whilst the Marvel Comics and Hasbro branded toys sold massively well in the 80s, the first attempt at turning this into a live-action film franchise akin to the Transformers series wasn’t the greatest, although having just finished re-watching it I will hold my hands up and […]


Review Added: April 14th, 2013

Tagline: Do you have what it takes?

Oh dear. Oh dear. Where does one start on a review for this film? Well, it’s bad. If you haven’t seen it and if you want a mindless blowing stuff up, butch muscle bound ‘hell yeah’ with a blended bit of comic book sillyness thrown in [...]