• Gravity (2013) Fanart
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Official Synopsis: When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood.

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Silent Hill (2006) was a surprisingly half-decent effort at creating a horror movie based on the video game series originally released in the late nineties. Featuring an oppressive, eerie, almost dreamlike feel cultivated largely in part thanks to the dull colour palettes and immersive audio, providing […]


Review Added: November 7th, 2012

Tagline: Return to Silent Hill

Having felt strongly about the first film I had little expectation going in to see the sequel, with Silent HillĀ (2006) having been genuinely one of the creepiest films I have seen in terms of the visuals, atmosphere and the levels of grotesque used for the creatures [...]