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Review : Horrible Bosses (2011)

"Ever wish your boss were dead?"

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The Red Corner - Lisa

Red Corner Review, by Lisa

Added July 27th, 2011

Right off the bat I have to say that I wasn’t expecting this to be very good. Most of the ‘laughs’ had once again been shown in the trailer ( seriously why do film studio’s keep doing that???) but I found myself actually enjoying it.

I would describe the comedy as gentle, not laugh out loud and I have to say that I observed my Blue corner opponent laughing way more than he normally would at a comedy. I think the characters were fairly likeable, Dale being by far my favourite and in my opinion the vehicle for the funny moments in the film.

It is a shame I think that the others characters don’t take his horrible boss seriously.  I thought Jennifer Aniston’s character, playing ‘against type’ was actually pretty good and while her scenes generated a lot of the laughs I think it helped to show women can easily create  a horrible environment to work in just as well as men can.

Kevin Spacey was awesome as ever and nice to see him in a comedic role, I thought his character was an 20 years later flashforward version of his character in Working girl, and it did get me thinking about what do you do if your boss hates you and makes it his or her mission in life to make you as miserable as humanly possible, and the old ‘just get another job’ doesnt really apply in a recession economy when we are all thankful to have a job!!! unless said evil boss has a deadly peanut allergy. Then I say slip him a peanut.

See the premise that they would actually kill their bosses was a little far fetched and silly for my liking, and the ridiculous ‘it all spirals out of control’ parts of the film were just not funny and the ‘cheating wife’ storyline pointless and obvious. I didnt care for the Jamie Fox scenes either.Though I admit I did chuckle when Dale is in the police station and starts asserting his rights which he has learned from watching TV programs like CSI and  NCIS etc.

I think the scenes that got the most laughs at the cinema were the guy putting the toothbrush/floss and razor in his arse. To me the audience felt that was justice enough, without feeling the need to kill him aswell…as well as the scene when he realises that by doing so, he has put his DNA in Palett’s house.

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