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Review : Bridesmaids (2011)

"Save the date"

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The Red Corner - Lisa

Red Corner Review, by Lisa

Added July 18th, 2011

So it was a comedy…. a comedy about girls and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t what I expected in a way….much more quirky,  but that actually made it better. The story actually revolves around the not so hilarious crashing down of the life of Annie Walker (played by Kristen Wiig) around her ears.  We are told that the beginning of the spiral of doom was when her boyfriend left her and her cake making business was a victim of the recession. So already our girl is plummeting.  I enjoyed the scenes with her flat mates, and Matt Lucas as Gil was a random, unexpected yet fittingly cast as Annie’s particularly odd room-mate. The scenes with her working in the jewellery store were quite amusing and I felt accurately portray in a short time what its like to have to work in a soul destroying  job that you have to do just to pay the rent… and as her boss reminds her she actually only got as a favour to his AA sponsor, her tee-total mother.

The film actually opens with her getting it on with Ted, excellently played by Mad Men star Jon Hamm, a completely obnoxious, shallow selfish man, who Annie repeatedly tries to get close to despite him being quite clear about the terms and boundaries of their relationship. sex (his way) and go. And although Annie tried to pretend to everyone, even herself that this is a mutually fulfilling and equal footing arrangement, and they are both ‘cool’ about hanging out, Her friend and the Bride-to-be of the piece Lillian, tells the audience  otherwise and puts it to Annie that being with Ted seems to make her feel worse about herself instead of better. We got that impression when she is left doing the walk of shame and caught escaping over the gate by the Asian  housekeeper who is driving a better car than she is!! The bit where Ted says ‘ I want you to go but I dont want to sound like a dick’  actually drew an audible ‘o00hh’ from the female members of the cinema going audience! and rightly so!

The rivalry between Helen and Annie was well done too in my opinion although it was a little over the top at times, but for me had a real-world echo of that person we have all known who tries to out do you at every turn and is probably single handedly responsibly for Sending Annie plummeting into her lowest moments. Helen represents everything as women that we want to have, slim, rich, jet setting husband, couture gowns,  instant family and a fabulous life and it reminds Annie of the continual failures and that feeling that we all have from time to time of just not being good enough. I thought It was actually quite refreshing to see this portrayed on screen. as was the fact that Helen tries so hard to be perfect but actually is quite unhappy and unfulfilled herself that really tops the rivalry off.

I loved Chris O Dowd as officer Rhodes, some people have said that there was no chemistry between Annie and Rhodes, But I think there was, I enjoyed the Awkward        moments, because they are there in real life and Annie is quite unsure of herself around him at first and ends up in bed with him and then freaks out when he    does something nice. I thought the bit where she leaves was well played because Rhodes, who was bounding about like a puppy, looked genuinely bewildered and crushed  by Annie’s words and behaviour . Annie, for her part Just treated someone badly who actually liked her- for her. She panics and I think that will resonate with some  women out there who get suspicious when a guy treats them nicely and seems to be interested…. ‘He’s just too nice’ they say! again I found I  liked seeing that portrayed  on screen as well as the bit where she tries to make it up to him and he wont accept her cake apology.

I liked the fact that most of the comedy took place around and between the women and I was glad that they didn’t play up to stereotypes in the way that they could have but rather the bridesmaids were work friend, the groom’s sister, Brides cousin, her best friend and best friend wannabe Helen. women who dont know each other  and come from different circles in Lillian’s life have to come together to make her big day special- no pressure!!!

One thing I also like about the film was the way that Annie feels about seeing Lillian in ‘Helen made’ surroundings… when she sees Lillian fitting in comfortably well in a world she knows she doesn’t belong in it undermines her confidence in herself yet further as Lillian is her sort of life rock which she clings to to get  her through Life’s storm. And this is what really sends Annie into the spiral shaking the belief that she really knows Lillian and as we see that crumble we see  her become increasingly isolated and feeling alone. we see several versions of ‘rock bottom’ but when she has to move back in with her mother and is reduced to crying on the sofa watching cast away ( well we have all been there… WILSON!!!!!) and you cant help but think how much worse is it going to get for this girl?

The comedy is there and there were a fair few laughs, particularly the food poisoning emission scene in the all white bridal boutique, and Melissa Mc Carthy stole the show as rough and ready Megan and I think was chief of the comedy moments, which helped lighten the mood and added a nice balance to the film. So I Would argue that it isn’t an out and out comedy and it is something different because its a women led film, the comedy isn’t always  the obvious kind we are used to seeing in films like the Hangover or American Pie and thats what makes this film so refreshing. I really enjoyed it so much that I went to see it for a second time!

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